Naselle house visit

EJ (Eric 2.0) was kind enough to take time out of his Pacific Northwest vacation and stop by our place. 

We really appreciated the effort and the photos that he sent.  “See this is NOT a figment of our imaginations.”

Would you please post them on “Bowdenclan,” if EJ has not already done it.  Do you mind editing the one with EJ in it so his feet are firmly planted downward toward the ground.

It looks like we could use a specific space on the web-site to document the progress of our potential “Future Family Reunion location” 3-5 years down the road.  Sooner, if I win the lottery.




Put a bid on a house.

It’s not a done deal, be we are under contract on a house in Maryland. It’s
a nice colonial that’s in perfect condition…and it’s close to the office.
The house is south of Ft Detrick. What Jody really liked is the wood floors
throughout. I’m going to enjoy the office just off the entry.

Salsa Fiesta - Lathrop CA, January 21, 2013

Thanks to the Ranney family for providing the CA Bowdens a

delicious reason to get together and eat! Celeste came back from the holidays in Arizona with some of Joe and Beth's homemade green salsa,  orange & lemon marmalade, and grape jelly from the grapes off their vines.  Lee sent some Mohave Mango, Paradise Pineapple, and Ruby Raspberry salsas with her also. We met to taste test, eat homemade burritos and play "The Lord of the Rings" board game. Alas, the hobbit fellowship fell due to Sauron's cunning. But they made a valiant attempt! Penelope painted a canvas that Lynette will be teaching to her YW. Her painting turned out beautiful. What an enjoyable afternoon.

Eric^2 Duet: Frozen Flame

Another musical number Eric (guitar and cello)

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