Eric Arranging and Performing Radical Dreamer

M'well, I've finally done it. This is the song for which I originally started learning the classical guitar. Actually, I wanted to learn kabukibear's solo guitar version [it's incorporated into the middle of this arrangement]. He's written some amazing arrangements for guitar, go check 'im out:  One milestone down, two left.

P.S. I loooove the "choral" part at the end. 

P.P.S. I made a big mistake clipping my nails during the making of this recording. (I was frustrated at the nail clicks I was hearing in the audio.) After clipping t'felt like I had to relearn the piece since I was missing the strings, trying to pluck them with my phantom nails!

MP3 Audio File:

Cover Sheet Music:
The primary music is an adaptation from the official Chrono Cross classical guitar book (and so, I don't have sheets for it). The classical guitar solo is an excerpt from Justin Lincoln's (kabukibear) excellent solo arrangement (

Gloria In SVU's production of Servant of Two Masters

Gloria had the lead role in Servant of Two Masters.  Jody and I were able to drive down and spend some time (not enough) with her before the production. We also attending Sacrament Meeting with her on Sunday.   It was a rousing performance with many a slapsticks. . .literally (I guess this type of theater is where the term comes from).