Sino-James 简明 Relations (12/29/15)

So I'm speaking Chinese and having conversations with my friends. It happened almost overnight. I thought I was gonna just suck for the rest of the trip, but now I think I'll suck less. I'm saying more in 3 months of Chinese in China than I was saying in Russian in 7 months in Russia. Granted there is something to be said in being allowed to use technology to learn and having a grammar teacher.

I met with the Elders quorum president. He was down here from a city an hour a way to go rock climbing with his family. Young guy in the Air Force. Special permission to study in China. The Skype branch covers all of China. It's pretty cool.

I'll be off the grid January 1st unless I stay in a hotel or hostel. I've got a solar charger and power bank, but it can only do so much. Even if I find WiFi, I'll only want to upload pictures and backup my phone.