Sino-James Relations 10/12/15

--But check out this view! It’s from my apartment window.

--Roommate is super cool.  He bought me a smoothie and food first day.  All the Chinese students here are great! I help him with his homework, he helps me with mine.  I’m having a blast!  I’ll be able to get down a good amount of Chinese before I go

-This city is nuts. No driving laws. Cars drive on the wrong side, pedestrians step in front of cars. Pedestrians truly have the right of way here.  All the scooters and cars will come within a few inches of you, but they all manage to swerve around. Everyone here are like Jedis. They know their surrounds really well.  Pedestrians can trust no one will hit them, cars and scooters trust the pedestrians to not make huge movements while walking in the street.  It seems chaotic, but it’s cool to see.