Sino-James 简明 Relations (11/1/15)

It's been insanely cold. I don't get it! I was sweating on Monday, then bam, I can't get out of bed because it's 50 degrees in my apartment and my clothes are still soaked from last night



I don't think I've experienced humidity before

I can get on American News sites and blogs. Government sites are ok. But everything loads really


I can't Gmail, or even most the time Google doesn't work. Outlook is the same. If a page does load, half the content doesn't load and almost every webpage gets a security certificate error at first

I was watching all the general conference talks that I missed today. That was nice. I taught a girl how to pray the other day


Everyone wants to be my language partner and study with me. All the ladies say I'm handsome and speak very clearly, haha. I don't have an accent like the Europeans

My Chinese teacher gave me my Chinese name. She was explaining to me a week earlier names are special and that one of her favorite teachers have her a name. In China, teachers are allowed to bestow names after thoughtful observation of the student they like. The student then feels it a privilege and honor. 简明. It's pronounced Jien Ming. My Chinese surname is Jien. My first name is Ming. People go by surnames here, so people will call me Jien. Ming 明means bright and clear. It has the sun and moon characters. 简 Jien means simple and concise. It has the characters for bamboo and midpoint.

I now introduce myself as Jien Ming. The students tell me immediately that it's a really prestigious name... so I guess it's good my name sounds cool.

She chose it because she says I "look bright and sunny" and am wise, polite, and kind.

Her words. I think it's nice I'm fitting in here.


veryone invites me to do everything. I don't have time to say yes.